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Customers Corner – Customers on the Move

• Advanced Technologies in Electrical and Communications, Inc. (ATEC) and MCA conducted an assessment on their baseline operations, setting the stage for them to begin their journey of transformation in becoming an Agile Construction,® Contractor. Concluding the assessment, recommendations were to help ATEC become an Agile Construction® Contractor. 

• Staff Electric rounded out a very successful 2019 with a record backlog and a renewed enthusiasm for Agile Construction®. 2020 will include focused efforts to address productivity struggles that challenge the industry, such as branch pipe and wire efficiency, feedback to estimation and labor planning / management. Staff is preparing for a push to increase the level of partnership engagement with their suppliers. Allowing more aggressive sharing of decision making, risk, and compensation. At the end of 2019, Staff was effectively partnering at a full Level II engagement and is actively working to advance to Level III in 2020. Staff continues to lead the charge to implement WEM® tools and support on all projects and has effectively expanded their Agile Department to include projects and business acquired from others. This type of expansion will form the basis for a proven franchise-type expansion model that will allow them to strategically increase their territory to larger markets in coming years.

• Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Heating is closing out a remarkable fiscal year for 2019 that was focused around growth. Not only did Dixie experience growth financially but the company devoted 2019 to fully emerging itself into Agile Construction®. With full Agile Construction® Implementation throughout the entire company, increasing usage of Agile Construction® Tools, increasing application of prefabrication, and improving processes through their Design Teams, Dixie is prepared to repeat and build upon their success for the upcoming year and future years ahead. 

• Electric Company of Omaha has made great progress in the Process Design Teams. They recently held a Design Team Offsite to review their accomplishments since the teams were first developed. The Offsite focused the purpose, structure, and rules for success for design teams, learning and accomplishments and the next focus areas for the design teams. Electric Company of Omaha continues to expand Agile Construction® Tools across the company by adding new pilot jobs every month. 

• Lemberg Electric continues to expand Agile Construction® throughout their company. Looking forward to this upcoming year, Lemberg Electric and MCA are working to expand the prefabrication department while increasing the utilization of Agile Construction® Tools with the upcoming 3rd Pilot Wave.

• Aldridge is working with MCA on two case studies to investigate the current state of their procurement process. Aldridge is implementing Agile Construction® Tools on both studies to collect data and reduce risk. 

• Werner Electric finished 2019 with a positive reflection on their internal and external accomplishments relating to the implementation and support of Agile Construction® within the industry. Highlights include enhanced learning on planning and involvement with contractors for material needs, and job site constraints and inventory management. Internal advances in understanding the complexities of seemingly simple tasks, to get them right for each installer on each job, including speed pulls, VMI services and pig tailing devices so they are arriving predictably at the job site. Werner is strategically approaching 2020 with goals to significantly enhance their current partnerships and expand the services to other progressive contractors within their footprint.

• United Electric Company and MCA, Inc. conducted a study to assess the gap between the current state of Prefabrication at United Electric and what will be required of prefab to stay ahead of the curve. The gap analysis conducted by MCA studied how United Electric’s current process of prefab compares to that of the industry, at each of the five steps of prefabrication, and laid out key recommendations for the company to put in place to not only stay “at-par” with other peers in the industry but rather to lead the way to Industrialization of Construction®.

Agile Practitioners

  • Bronco Electric
  • Culliton
  • Graybar 
  • FB Harding
  • Hardt Electric
  • Holmes Electric

WEM® Users 

  • All-Brite Electric
  • Eckhardt
  • Electric & Plumbing Company – Seattle
  • In-West Electric
  • Oregon Electric Group
  • Owen Electric

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